Radiation Therapy

Posted by Ness
Although I'm always hesitant to recommend viewing info on youtube - we all know anything can be posted and assessing validity and suitability can be tricky .. however this does show 'good' accurate info on radiation (is American but similar here in Australia). The only things I'd comment on are: 1.) your first appointment with Radiation Oncology is usually only for a discussion (not the actual planning/simulation as stated/shown); and 2.) radiation is not always given after chemotherapy (per opening statement), as some women are not requiring chemotherapy! In this case, radiation will be scheduled after surgery is completed, and may not commence for 2-3 months afterward. **NB: Always discuss any queries with your treating team re: YOUR treatment plan and possible side-effects. FROM GLENYS
Posted September 10, 2012 - #radiation therapy  #breast cancer treament 
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  • Glenys
    Glenys Thanks Ness for making this video easier to access for everyone! xxx
    September 11, 2012