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  • Second Time Round

    Posted July 21, 2016 by Sargey

    I was diagnosed in 2013 with bilateral breast cancer.  I made the desicion back then to have a double mastectomy with expanders.  I  had the expanders changed to implants and have been quite happy with the results.  At the time I did not undergo radiation or chemo just straight o...

  • What is Breast Lymphodoema

    Posted November 11, 2015 by Phoebe

    Thanks for the reply Jado. I had never expected all these long term, maybe permanent complications from the Treatment. Twelve years of constant medical apiontments, oh and Dental too. Teeth went all wigly after Chemo,so spent years getting those fixed. Just a bit down at the moment. You sound like y...

  • My Breast Hurts

    Posted November 7, 2015 by Phoebe

    Surgery Chemo and Radiation back in 2003, Lapidimus Dorsi recon 2006.Now Lymph build up under arm where back muscle was brought round. Luckily have Jenny Pope ex Cancer Council Physio living near by but even on disability pension can only get 5 visits a year subsidised through shared care plan, ...

  • Just Wondering

    Posted August 21, 2015 by Carolyn

    6 weeks ago I found a lump in my breast, 3 weeks ago I had a mastectomy, 2 days ago I had full auxillary lymph gland dissection and soon to start chemo. Why do people make breast cancer out to not be really important? I have had so many comments such as - oh everyone gets through cancer, it's the be...

  • Tamoxifen

    Posted January 8, 2015 by Kula

    Can Tamoxifen cause severe depression?

  • Pain and side effects when treatment finishes

    Posted January 6, 2015 by Kula

    I have had  a right mastectomy, 6 months chemo and 5 weeks radiation. It is  4 weeks since the end of treatment and now pain, stiffness and lymphoedema are worsening. All the articles I was given to read did not prepare me for this loss of ability to do anything. The specialists ignore my ...

  • Lack of cohesive care post initial treatment

    Posted October 20, 2014 by Phoebe

    Hello to All During my Cancer journey, since first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, then a diagnosis of Squamous cell Ca. on my Vocal Chord, both very problematic to this day, I have found a total lack of multy disciplinary care. I have ended up with a large number of specialists that do not c...

  • Lack of knowledge about lympheodema

    Posted October 3, 2014 by Kula

    Thanks for your reply Sue. The comment you made "I guess improved surgical techniques now often result in minimum or no lympheodema following removal." is similar to what the Cancer Council manager said. This is so far from the truth. Research is now showing that up to 52 percent of those who h...

  • Cancer Council abandons Lympheodema sufferers.

    Posted October 2, 2014 by Kula

    I always thought the Cancer Council was for the benefit of people who have/had cancer. Not so! I have been attending the Cancer Foundation's Lympheodema clinic at Crawford house for nearly 4 years. This excellent service has helped me deal with the life long chronic condition of lympheodema. I have...

  • I feel incredibly sad

    Posted September 3, 2014 by Tania68

    My mammogram last week came back clear (right breast) so really, logically I should be able to move on, put it behind me and be happy, just like I was at the start of this term. I am heading to cairns in 2 days. Whilst I am looking forward to going I am also sad to be away from home, anxious about t...