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By joining this site you will also be taking part in ongoing research by Edith Cowan University and Breast Cancer Care WA, so not only can you benefit from connecting with others online, you are helping shape the future of online health support services!


  • Click Quote
    Posted by Cynthia January 23

    KNOWLEDGE is learning something NEW every day! 

    WISDOM is letting go of something every day!! 

    Start EACH DAY with NEW HOPE leaving bad memories behind 

    and have FAITH that today is going to be BETTER! 

    When we carry yesterday’s worries and fears with us

    it serves only to ruin the new day that is filled with opportunities! 

  • Click Online Support
    Posted by Ness April 30, 2014

    The first 'Click Chat' live chatroom sessions for 2015 will be help on Wednesday 7th of January from 7-9pm Perth time / 9-11pm EST. The fortinighlty schedule will then continue through January with the 21st January being our next session.

    In between these live sessions, please feel free to post your comments and queries onto the 'My Page - What's New' feed or ask questions via the relevant topic in the Forum. Here, other Click members can respond and Ness can access professional advice from the team of Breast Care Nurses and Counsellors at Breast Cancer Care WA.

    You are also encouraged to share your stories, thoughts and feelings in the Blog.

    Please note: The Click is not a 24 hour crisis service. Refer to your GP or health professional if you need immediate support, or call Lifeline 13 11 14 (Australia wide). Support in WA is also available from Breast Cancer Care WA on 9324 3703, or Australia-wide from Cancer Council Helpline on 13 11 20.

Welcome to Breast Cancer Click!

Breast Cancer Click is an Australia wide, free online support community that offers peer support between members, access to group chat sessions moderated by a breast care nurse and lots of useful information all from the comfort of your home.

The online breast care nurse also provides answers to any queries on the Forum, or for more personal concerns you can email or private message her.

The Click is especially useful to those living in remote regions of Australia who don’t have access to a breast care nurse and for those too unwell to travel to support groups but needing to connect with others.

Family and friends are also welcome to join and learn more about how to support their loved ones.

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